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The Reggia

The permanent display of the Reggia, titled Theater of History and Magnificence, is a journey in the history and the art of the House of Savoy that takes visitors on a 2,000-meter long walk through the ground floor and the piano nobile of the Royal Palace.

The charming Apartments of the Duchess Maria Giovanna Battista of Savoy-Nemours - the second Royal Madam to whom the Reggia is dedicated with its symbols of the goddess Diana - have been entirely refurbished.
Important paintings, the Alcove, newly restored details, the toilet set and other pieces of furniture that once belonged to the Duchess and her spouse, Duke Carlo Emanuele II, the tapestries that make up the Brussels manufacture cycle on the hunts of Diana and Apollo, the pictorial series on the Royal Residences of Savoy and the superb cycle of the Muses by Antiveduto Gramatica are only some of the latest additions that are now on display in these precious 17th century rooms.

Another recent addition is the refined Collection of Paintings of Prince Eugene of Savoy that now grace the walls of the Apartment of Princess Ludovica, the sister of Duke Carlo Emanuele II, that symbolically recreate the picture collections that were once home at La Venaria. The current collection consists of 60 works dating back to the 17th century from the Galleria Sabauda, including masterpieces by Reni, Albani, Cignani, Van Dyck, Brueghel and other Flemish and Dutch masters.

Remarkable new acquisitions are also found in the Royal Apartment of Vittorio Amedeo II: the vast antechambers along the ceremonial route that precede the Great Gallery provide now a better sense of their original function thanks to sculptures, period sofas, stools and benches, and these spaces also offer a breathtaking view of the Gardens - particularly the Terrace of the Queen near the Upper Park that will be inaugurated this year.

The Reggia will close to the public from Monday 3 February to Friday 28 February 2020. It will open again on Saturday 29 February 2020.

The Reggia of Venaria
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