Royal Delights  08/04/2017 - 05/11/2017

fantacasino ragazzi

The Reggia was conceived as a place for leisure, fun and relax, aspects of life at Court that reflected particularly in the Gardens and the Temple of Diana, of which only the original foundations remain today.
The Fantacasino, the attraction of the Leisure Grove, was designed for children, families and visitors of all ages. It is inspired in its form and size to the original Temple of Diana and provides a modern-day interpretation of the Gardens as a sort of playing ground.

All the games, the machines, and the “animagicals” have evocative names that leave plenty of room for imagination. On the ground floor, in the Room of Game Machines, visitors can choose among an automated ball-throwing machine known as the Monsterchaser, the Gruyere, the bicycle merry-go-round, the Schojei. On the first floor, in the Music Room, there is a Turtledrum, an Animorgan, a Carillon, and hanging from the ceiling is a mechanical device that serves to move Camillo and Delfina, two fantastic deer by Fulvio Colangelo.

WHERE: Gardens

WHEN: Every day except Monday

HOW: Included in all tickets.