Events  07/07/2012 - 15/07/2012


Holiday in the Palace

Don’t miss the most creative event of this summer - HOP.E, HOliday in the Palace:

Entertainment: have fun, participate in the events and attend live shows and performances;
Experience: a unique opportunity to experience art and share your talent;
Extra: discover the off section of the festival.

Don’t miss the theater and dance performances, the music shows and the site-specific events that are organised every night by companies from across Europe.

Check out the art exhibitions in the Old Town Center, the great contemporary art show in the Gardens and HOP.Extra, the off Festival in the streets of Venaria.

Grand finale with HOP.E Nights - DJ Party in the Grand Parterre.

The event opens with Brian Eno, the great contemporary master, music theorist and producer, and the innovator of the language of modern music with his work “Music for the Great Gallery”, an original soundtrack created for the Great Gallery that you can experience every night.

The summer at La Venaria Reale welcomes a new festival devoted to art in all its forms and provides an opportunity to have fun in the name of magic and creativity.

Every day, young artists get inspired and contaminated by the beauty of this venue - the Reggia and the Old Town Center – and attend workshops and meetings with experts, masters, professionals and great names. During their holiday at La Venaria young artists also participate in the creation of the collective work of art while enjoying HOP.E.’s rich calendar of events – live shows, music performances, workshops and entertainment.
Artists can participate by registering online at www.hopelavenaria.com .

HOP.E is a unique 10-day festival that celebrates freedom of expression surrounded by beauty and history.

HOP.E is all this, all together, for all ... at La Venaria Reale. 

WHERE: Reggia – Gardens – Old Town Center

WHEN: July 7 - 15

HOW: from 18 to 24 free admission to the Court of Honor, the Piano Nobile of the Reggia and the Grand Parterre in the Gardens.
For more information visit www.hopelavenaria.com.