Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche region

Exhibitions  09/03/2013 - 07/07/2013

Lorenzo Lotto - locandina

A Renaissance Master

After a display at Moscow's Pushkin Museum, the exhibition on Lorenzo Lotto - one of the greatest and most intense artists of the Italian Renaissance - lands at the Reggia with ten new works from Italian churches and museums. Also on show is the fresco transposed on canvas that depicts The Glory of Saint Vincent Ferrer from the Church of San Domenico in Recanati, restored for the occasion.

The seductive beauty of the display, that includes around twenty paintings characterized by great refinement and rigor, is a tribute to an artist whose sensibility and anxiety are close to our contemporary feelings and it also provides insights into the painter's production in the Marche region. Lotto's works for the Marche region marked one of the highest points in his artistic creation and in the Italian Renaissance. Devotional paintings commissioned for private and public collections, portraits and secular allegories illustrate the extraordinary and eccentric biography and stylistic journey of this great artist.

WHERE: Rooms of the Arts, 1st floor

WHEN: From March 9 to July 7.
Same opening days as the Reggia.

HOW: ticket for the exhibition and ticket "All in a Palace" ("All inclusive").

In collaboration with the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage - Regional Directorate for the Cultural Heritage and the Landscape of the Marche Region, Soprintendenza ai Beni Storici, Artistici ed Etnoantropologici delle Marche, Regione Marche, MondoMostre. Curated by Gabriele Barucca with Lorenza Mochi Onori and Maria Rosaria Valazzi.