The Park of La Mandria

Places  01/01/2017 - 11/02/2018

Veduta aerea del Parco della Mandria col Borgo Castello

If you are visiting the Reggia and the Gardens, don’t miss the chance to explore the extraordinary natural reserve of the Park of La Mandria and take advantage of a rich program of joint activities also by train and by bus.

The Park, that covers an area of 3,000 hectares, is the largest fenced nature preserve in Europe. It is home to a wealth of wild and domestic animal species – deer, foxes, herons, squirrels, wild boards, horses and more - and some historical and architectural gems like the Castle of La Mandria (the Hunting Lodge of King Vittorio Emanuele II and his beloved Bella Rosina), Villa dei Laghi, the peculiar Bizzarria lodge, several period farmsteads (that include the seat of the International Horse Center) and the ruins of a medieval fort.

In collaboration with Regione Piemonte, Parco Naturale La Mandria - Ente di Gestione delle Aree Protette dell’Area Metropolitana di Torino.

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