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According to the provisions concerning access to online services for people with disabilities (Law n. 4 of 09/01/2004) the Venaria Reale website is designed to comply with the accessibility standards recommended by relevant international organisations (W3C – World Wide Web Consortium) and the Italian Government.

In order to provide high-quality services to all groups of users without exception, Regione Piemonte has adopted W3C approved HTML 5 to design the Venaria Reale home-page and its related subpages and CSS Level 2 style sheets for the graphical layout.

In order to enhance accessibility this website was designed in line with the guidelines recommended by WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), the W3C body dealing with accessibility issues.

Providing a fully accessible website is more than putting a stamp on our homepage: it is a complex and delicate task. We hope that our website is adequately accessible and we are working to further improve accessibility for all groups of users.