Guided tours | La Venaria Reale

Guided tours

Guided tours are paid separately in addition to admission tickets.

Regular guided tours of the Reggia (no reservation required)

In Italian only


Discounted for holders of “All in a Palace” ticket:  4 euros
Free for children under 12 years

  • Tuesday to Friday: h 10.30
  • Saturday and Sunday:
    h 10.30, h 11.30, h 15.00

Guided tours (reservation required)

Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Catalan, Japanese, Arabic

Groups only


(2h30 tour)
€ 100 per group (max. 25 people)

Gardens and Potager Royal 

(1h30 tour)
€ 90 per group (max. 25 people)


  • Caravaggio Experience (1h30 tour)
    € 90 per group (max. 25 people)

Reggia + Gardens 

(3h30 tour)
€ 160 per group (max. 25 people)



Guided tours for schools


Reggia + Juvarra Stables

90 euros (2h tour, max 30 people)



60 euros (1h tour, max 30 people)


Reggia + Juvarra Stables +Gardens

110 euros (3h tour, max 30 people)


  • Caravaggio Experience (1h tour)
    70 euros per group (max. 30 people)