Combined tickets | La Venaria Reale

Combined tickets

La Venaria Reale offers a number of ticket combinations.

Reggia and Castle of La Mandria

This ticket includes admission to the Reggia and the Gardens and The Castle of La Mandria.


  • Full ticket: 20 euros
  • Discounted: 16 euros
    groups of at least 12 people, other categories eligible for discounts
  • Discounted: 10  euros
    young visitors from 6 to 20 years of age and under 26 university students
  • Schools
    6 euro  per student
  • Free
    Children under the age of 6 and other categories eligible for free admission, person accompanying a disabled visitor, 2 teachers every 15 students, professional operators, holders of Torino Piemonte Card

Buy your ticket online

All tickets are available at the ticket offices of the Reggia.

For information and reservations: ph. + 39 011 4992333