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The Garden of Fluid Sculptures by Penone

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In the Garden of Fluid Sculptures by the contemporary art master Giuseppe Penone bronze trees, fountains and groves extend over an area of three hectares.

The project was developed in collaboration with Castello di Rivoli – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

The unique outline of the Lower Park of the Venaria and the centuries-old history of these gardens were the main inspiration for Giuseppe Penone. His project extends across almost five hectares of land adjacent to the Reggia, divided into specific sections.

The elevated ancient Lower Park, destroyed in the early 18th century, was built anew to house the Reggia’s technological utility plants underground. Penone’s project aimed to recreate the complexity of the 17th century garden where vegetal elements entwined with a vast number of sculptures and fountains that had completely disappeared: here lies the most original feature of the Gardens of Venaria.

Lower Park
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