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Wellness at Court

Reggia di Venaria and QC Termetorino

For you a fantastic experience that unites the regality of Venaria's Royal Palace with the well-being signed by QC Terme.

The combined offer includes discounted admission to 20 euros "All in a Royal Palace" (Reggia di Venaria, Gardens and exhibitions in progress, which would cost 25 euros) and daily entrance fee of 40 euros to the wellness program in one of the centers QC Terme di Torino, Bormio, Pré Saint Didier, Milan, San Pellegrino, Rome or Pozza di Fassa.

Reggia di Venaria e QC Termetorino
All opening days. Check them on Opening Hours page.

Combined entrances (purchasable as well as "gift idea"): 20 euro + 40 euro.

More info at:
tel. +39 011 4992333 (La Venaria Reale)